Liquibase uses a variety of text-based, human-readable, and auto-mergeable formats that allow you to use the version control system of your choice.

Liquibase is version control friendly 

Liquibase executes the changes you provide via changesets against a database and it isn’t picky about where those changes come from. 

  • You can manually create them in your machine directory.
  • You can check them out of a version control system.
  • You can use a network share file.
  • You can use a compressed file like a .jar, .war, or .zip file. 

The only thing Liquibase cares about is that the file exists and can be read.

What do I need to know about using version control with Liquibase?

If you keep your changelog files in a version control system, you can perform your normal check-in, check-out, branching, and merging functions. 

You can run the changelog at any point from where it is stored and Liquibase will update the database to the expected state.