Provide support to the Liquibase community by sharing your knowledge and expertise with the next generation of Liquibase users. For over a decade, we’ve had people from around the world help out in so many ways. Thank you! Here’s how you can keep it going and make the community even better.

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Meet Liquibase Supporters

Pavan Mulani

Tech Lead

“Liquibase has always been a key enabler in my automation journey.”

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Artem Zagnitko

Senior Java Developer

“I wanted to give back to the community that has helped me so much. It feels meaningful to help others.”

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Asha Kalburgi

Asha Kalburgi

Database Architect

“I have a passion for DevOps and use CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Git, and Liquibase. I believe change is the only constant in today’s technology fabric.”

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