Liquibase Extensions extend Liquibase database support and capabilities.

Liquibase is designed to be flexible in how it can be embedded and executed as well as how it behaves. As an Apache-licensed project, you are free to extend or integrate as you see fit and keep those changes private, or contribute them back to the community.

Extension upgrade guides

Learn how the latest Liquibase releases impact existing extensions, extension developers, and extension users. View extension upgrade guides.

Find a bug?

If you find a bug in a Liquibase extension, log it in the issues section of the extension’s GitHub page.
For example: or

All Liquibase-managed extensions can be found in the Liquibase GitHub group.

Want to contribute? 

Great! Check out our Extension Portal.

If you’re a database owner/representative and you’re interested in working with us on an extension or getting a current extension integrated into the core Liquibase project, we’d love to hear from you. Learn more about our new Liquibase Labs extension partnership program to learn more or just reach out to