This is the place to experiment to make Liquibase better. We’re starting with making Liquibase Extensions great and then pulling them into Liquibase Community core code.

Extension partnership

Let’s work together to get your database platform extension built into Liquibase! Here’s how to fast-track your extension to make sure we can include more database platform support into the core Liquibase community code for millions to enjoy. 

Step 1: Build an awesome extension. 

  • Your extension should be valuable to the community. Learn more about how to contribute.
  • Create a public repository in GitHub. You can either fork an existing extension to begin work or view the documentation to get started. Check out the SAP HANA Liquibase extension for a great example of how to set this up. Your repository must be licensed with the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Most importantly, make sure your extension works!

Step 2: Test it.

  • You must have integration tests for your database. (See the great work the MongoDB and SAP HANA contributors have done with Docker containers.)
  • You must have Travis CI build your extension and run the integration tests.

Step 3: Contact us.

Email and let us know you’ve built an extension. You will be a maintainer for the fork so that you can approve PRs to the repository.

Community support/approval and examples of pushing to production with your extension will be necessary to bring into Liquibase core. Partnering with the Liquibase team will be necessary to progress to this step.