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Liquibase Community

Liquibase provides a great starting point for teams addressing the challenges that come with managing database changes.

It does a lot more than push database scripts, it generates and deploys them as well.

Liquibase Pro

Liquibase Pro offers expert help and support from the creators or Liquibase, so you don’t have to go it alone.

Liquibase Pro also adds capabilities that enhance and extend the base open source features, such as adding functions to XML change sets for updating procedural database code.

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Liquibase provides a database-independent way to deliver fast, safe, repeatable database deployments

Flexible Database Change Definition

Whether it’s simple SQL scripts, XML, JSON, or YAML migrations, Liquibase makes it easy to define database changes in a format that’s familiar and comfortable to each user.

Open and Extensible

Liquibase is truly open-source and is released under the Apache 2.0 license. While Liquibase already supports a broad range of database platforms, it has a flexible extension framework for easily adding support for new database platforms. Additionally, it is easy to embed and execute Liquibase through its Java APIs.

Efficient, Standardized Database Change Management

Liquibase functions make it easy to generate database-appropriate SQL. This allows teams to efficiently scale by writing database changes once and deploying to a variety of backends. Even if your team works with a single database platform, this capability standardizes the SQL produced in development making reviews, audits, and troubleshooting easier. Learn more in the Quick Start.

Precise Database Change Control

Liquibase has a robust set of capabilities to precisely control when, where, and how database changes are deployed. Go beyond filenames and precisely order changes with an explicit change log file. Fine tune how your changes are deployed to each environment with contexts and labels. Use conditional logic to further manage the deployment of changes in each environment with Liquibase preconditions.

Fits Your Process

Liquibase is built to support teams of developers working simultaneously on database changes, and can gracefully handle branching and merging of database migrations. There are numerous options for fitting Liquibase into a build processes. It is possible to generate SQL scripts for DBA code review and even perform database diffs. Liquibase does not require a live database connection, and makes it easy to document datbase migrations. Whether you are a DBA, QA Engineer, Release Manager, or Developer, Liquibase can meet your needs.

Track and deploy database changes in minutes!

Liquibase is thankful for the support, software, and/or services provided by the whole community including the following organizations:
Datical | Atlassian | Zoho | YourKit

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