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Why Liquibase has been downloaded over 13 million times

Flexible database change

Easily define changes in SQL, XML, JSON, or YAML. Liquibase can automatically generate database-specific SQL for you.

Version control for your database

Order changes and standardize development to make reviews, audits, and troubleshooting a breeze.

Built for modern dev teams

Robust capabilities make branching and merging easy. You control when, where, and how database changes are deployed.

Open source and extensible

Liquibase supports a broad range of databases out of the box. Our flexible extension framework means new platforms and integrations are added all the time.

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5 ways Liquibase makes your life easier

Using Liquibase to Manage Database Migrations
  • 1.Version-controlled database schema changes
  • 2.Automatically orders scripts for deployment
  • 3.Branching and merging for teams
  • 4.Embeds into your product or build tools, like Jenkins
  • 5.Easily rollback changes
Manual Change Management
  • Has the script been applied or not?
  • Manually order scripts
  • Developers overwrite each other’s changes
  • Harder to implement continuous deployments
  • Hours spent reworking scripts

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