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Liquibase 2009 Plugin Contest Winners

POSTED 15 Oct 2009 by Nathan Voxland

sponsorsCongratulations to the winners of the 2009 Liquibase Plugin Contest!

Grand Prize (Choice of 5 O’Reilly Books, donated by O’Reilly):

Oracle Extensions by Artur Kopacz, Damian Pezda, Lukasz Rejkowicz, Tomasz Wicherski

Runner Up (Laptop Bag, donated by Atlassian):

Liquibase for JRuby on Rails by Tal Rotbart

Honorable Mentions (Choice of one O’Reilly Book):

  1. GarinDriver by Mark Farnsworth
  2. TableCount Precondition by Chris Imershein
  3. PostgreSQL Extensions by Shane Miller
  4. MS SQL Server Extensions by Dave Gorman
  5. Liquibase Documentation, Japanese Translation by Yasuo Honda

I would like to thank everyone who participated, as well as the generous prize donations by Atlassian and O’Reilly. I will be contacting the winners via email, if you do not hear from me, please let me know.