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Liquibase SDK Watch

The liquibase-sdk watch command runs a simple database view application. This command can be useful for understanding what Liquibase does, demos, and simple manual testing. The application runs as a web application running by default on localhost port 80.

Liquibase SDK is available in Liquibase 3.2.0+


  • Page auto-reloads on changes to DATABASECHANGELOG table
  • Select an item in the top tabbed section to see more details
  • DatabaseChangeLog records shown in reverse order for less scrolling

Available Parameters

  • –url Database URL to watch [required]
  • –username Database username [required]
  • –password Database password [required]
  • –port HTTP port to use. Default: 8080


  • liquibase-sdk watch --url=jdbc:mysql:// --username=lbuser --password=lbuser

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