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Getting started

1 – Pick a topic

Choose based on your experience! If you don’t have one in mind already, we have some community-requested topics. Below are some basic guidelines to get you started.

  • How to use Liquibase with a specific database or integrations
  • Getting started with Liquibase
  • Adding Liquibase to an existing database
  • Liquibase commands
  • Advanced features
  • Liquibase best practices
  • Share your DevOps journey and help others mature theirs
  • Community-requested topics

2 – Pick a place to write

  • Personal blog
  • Company blog
  • Medium

3 – Use the latest logos and links to Liquibase

Handy tips

  • Give your viewers technical context
  • Using Liquibase with DatabaseXYZ or automation toolXYZ
  • Any prerequisites
  • Any other required resources

Technical examples or screenshots are very helpful.

Show us your stuff! We’ll promote it.

  • We love sharing and promoting the work of our community! Be sure to @ mention Liquibase on Twitter, ping us on Discord to show off your work or share someone cool about Liquibase.
  • Want to be published on Let’s chat about it! Submit your work to and we will review it.

Need help?

Jump into our Discord channel and ping our admins in our #general channel. We lurk in this space quite often. If you’re met with radio silence, shoot us an email at Please keep in mind that we’re based in Austin, TX and are only occasionally nocturnal.