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News 5 Ways to Fix a Bad Database Change in Liquibase
04 Dec 2019

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User and Developer Community

Have Question On How To Use Liquibase?

Most questions on general Liquibase usage are best handled on Stack Overflow using the “liquibase” tag

Have A Feature Idea? Did You Find A Bug In Liquibase?

If it is a bug in the main Liquibase library, log it in Liquibase Jira.

If it is a bug with an extension, log it issues section of the extension’s github page. For example or

All Liquibase-managed extensions can be found in the Liquibase GitHub group

Looking for Liquibase News?

Liquibase release announcements as well as general project news and articles are cross posted to the Liquibase blog at and the mailing list.

To subscribe to the mailing list, use the “Announcements” form to your left.

Looking for the Liquibase Source Code?

The Liquibase source is hosted at Code submissions should go through the standard GitHub pull request system.

For more information, see the developer documentation

Looking To Discussions Beyond The Scope Of Stack Overflow?

Need To Go Right To The Top?

You can always contact Nathan Voxland, Liquibase Benevolent Dictator for Life at or

Looking To Pay For Support?

Commercial training and support is available from