1. Find an issue to resolve with a PR.
  2. Claim the issue by @ mentioning molivasdat.
  3. We will assign the issue to you and remove the hacktoberfest label so that no one else claims it.
  4. Create your code fix and create a PR (be sure to include a link to the issue that you claimed.)
  5. Our team will review your PR for completeness and make any recommendations.
  6. Success!!!

Step-by-step instructions

1. Find an issue

Find issues here!

2. Claim your issue

Claim your issue by @ mentioning molivasdat or ro-rah in the comments section.

3. Assignment

We will validate that the issue has not already been taken and assign the issue to you. We will also remove the hacktoberfest label and add a hacktoberfestClaimed one so that others searching for issue should not find it.

4. Create the fix for your claimed issue

You can use the instructions as posted here or use your own methods to create a fix.

Once you have created the fix or update, create a PR and link the issue that you claimed.

Make sure that you fill in all the details in the PR form.

5. Review

We will review your PR for completeness and make any recommended updates to the PR. If you create a unit test or integration test that validates the fix, it will make the process much better.

The code fix must also compile and pass the travis CI builds successfully.

6. Success

Once we validate everything, you should have a PR that is valid for Hacktoberfest!

Need help?

Visit our Developer forum or reach out on Discord in the Hacktoberfest channel.