Here’s what the internal Liquibase team is testing and where we need help from the community.

What we tested

We covered the following broad categories:

  • Where Liquibase Writes Output
  • How Liquibase Finds Files
  • How Liquibase Works in Integrations
  • How Liquibase Interacts with the Database
  • How Liquibase Pro interacts with the Database

The following table represents combinations that were tested by the internal Liquibase team:

Integration TypesDatabase PlatformsChangelog Types
Command Line
Ant (Light test coverage)

Servlet Listener (Light test coverage)
Spring Listener (Light test coverage)
• PostgreSQL
• Oracle
• SQL Server
Formatted SQL
YAML (generateChangelog & update commands only)

What you can test in Beta 1

The underlying goal of Beta testing is to uncover, document, and share all the issues that keep you from working how you want to work with Liquibase. The following table represents combinations that were not tested OR were only lightly tested. This is where your focus would be helpful. Please test your setup and document any problems as new GitHub Issues or GitHub Code Contributions.

Integration TypesDatabase PlatformsChangelog Types
• Command Line
• Ant
• Maven

• Spring/Springboot Listener
• Servlet Listener
• JEE CDI Listener
• MariaDB
• Sybase_Enterprise
• Sybase_Anywhere
• DB2
• Apache_Derby
• H2
• Informix
• Firebird
• SQLite
Other Formats

What you can test in Beta 2

Community effort for testing and fixing Extensions issues are now ready with the 4.0-beta2 release.

Liquibase Extensions

View all Liquibase extensions.

Autobase – Improved Liquibase Grails plugin
GarinDriver (JDBC integration)
GenericSequence extension
Hana extension
Hibernate Integration
Impala/Hive extension
Interbase extension
Kuali Liquibase Extensions
Liquibase java.util.logging Extension
Liquibase Logging Extensions
Liquibase-Rails – for JRuby on Rails
Liquibase Vertica Extension
ModifyColumn Change
MongoDB Extension  
MS SqlServer Extensions
Oracle Extensions
Oracle Timesten
Percona Online Schema Change
Phoenix/HBase Extension
Postgres Extensions

ReleaseDate extension
rSmart Liquibase Cross-Database Copy
rSmart Liquibase Extensions
SAP Hana Extension – newer SAP Hana extension developed by SAP
Slf4j Logging for Liquibase (liquibase-slf4j)
Snowflake extension
Spatial Extension
TableCountCheck extension
Teradata extension
VoltDB Extension

Want to fix a known issue?

If you’re looking for some issues to fix, here are the two lists of issues currently in GitHub. The first is the list found during the Beta (which started with no known issues) – please give these priority. The second is the more general list in Liquibase if all of the Beta issues have been addressed.

Last, but not least – here are the open issues in the legacy Jira system. We will be moving these into GitHub soon. While new issues can no longer be created in this system, existing issues can still be fixed.