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Liquibase SDK

Purpose and Installation

The purpose of the Liquibase SDK is facilitate development and testing of the Liquibase codebase and Liquibase extensions. The Liquibase SDK ships with the standard command line Liquibase installation which can be downloaded from the Liquibase download page.

After unzipping liquibase-bin.zip or liquibase-bin.tar.gz you will find an “sdk” sub directory which contains everything related to the SDK.

Liquibase SDK is available in Liquibase 3.2.0+

SDK Components

  • Javadoc The Liquibase core library API documentation is included in the LIQUIBASE_HOME/sdk/javadoc directory for easy offline reference.
  • Workspace To make testing easier, a pre-configured “workspace” directory is included with sample changelog files.
  • Vagrant Vagrant box configurations can be automatically generated for testing purposes.
  • Watch Simple changelog table and database viewer. Useful for demos and manual testing.

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