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Top 5 Indicators You Are Ready to Move from Liquibase to Datical DB

31 Aug 2016

Ten years ago, I started Liquibase to bring sanity to my database schema changes. At the time, I was working on a 3-tier Java web project. Ruby on Rails had Active Record Migrations and I asked, “Why can’t I have that for Java?” Since then, Liquibase has become the standard for database change management. We support 13 databases and have 24 extensions for other databases. (Hi, Teradata and Hana!!!) All of that progress is because of our amazing users, committers, and testers. We couldn’t have done it without you.


Expanding Database Support

12 Jul 2016

Liquibase has always focused mainly on “standard” SQL databases, but we are looking to improving support for NoSQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop and others. We’d also like to make sure our support for databases like DB2 on iSeries and System z as well as Redshift, Azure SQL Server, Vertica, Greenplumb etc.


Happy Birthday! 10 Years of Liquibase

16 Jun 2016

10 years ago today was the initial public announcement of Liquibase, originally called the “Sundog Database Refactoring Tool”.


Liquibase for DBAs

01 Jun 2016

The role of the Database Administrator is evolving and has never been more complex. DBA’s are constantly juggling schema management, performance tuning, change control, plus database administration all within ever-shortening application development cycles. On top of all that, there are more database environments to manage than ever before, more distributed sources of database changes, and more stringent compliance requirements.


Liquibase for Application Developers

19 May 2016

Agile development practices and modern source control systems such as Git have transformed how application software is developed and managed. But for many application developers the way the database is changed is the same as it was in 1995. Well, maybe not exactly the same—now SQL files for each release are stored in a shared Windows drive instead of a shared Novell server – but you catch my drift.


Liquibase 3.5.1 Released

11 May 2016

Bugfix release Liquibase 3.5.1 is now available from liquibase.org/download and through the Maven repositories.


Liquibase for Application Release Managers

10 May 2016

In the modern agile development environment there is a lot that happens in a very short period of time. This means application release managers need to be efficient with their time while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. The database updates that go along with each application release are just as important as the application code, both for deployment and for planning rollbacks.


Liquibase 3.5.0 Released

21 Apr 2016

Liquibase 3.5.0 is now available from liquibase.org/download and through the Maven repositories. Question or comments can be directed to liquibase.org/community


Liquibase for QA Test Teams

15 Feb 2016

As a QA team member, you always make sure you are testing the current version of an application. However, it is just as important that the testing schema is correct and that there are no unexpected changes that the developers have applied to their environment that you do not know about.


Liquibase 3.4.2 Released

24 Nov 2015

Bugfix release Liquibase 3.4.2 is now available from liquibase.org/download and through the Maven repositories.


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