Liquibase 3.3.3 Released

Posted 29 Apr 2015 by Nathan Voxland

Liquibase 3.3.3 Released

Liquibase 3.3.3 is primarily a bugfix release

As always, Liquibase can be downloaded from the Liquibase download page and is available in the Maven repository as org.liquibase/liquibase-core.

Fixed Issues:

  • CORE-1768 - Oracle dropAll fails on spatial tables and sequences
  • CORE-1840 - Liquibase fails when run on a computer that can’t connect to the internet
  • CORE-1857 - Wrong column size detection on varchar2 fields with char as datatype
  • CORE-1866 - Filtering changelog list by includeAll tag is not working
  • CORE-1943 - Handle Error: InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName() UnknownHostException results in NoClassDefFoundError
  • CORE-1958 - Column type of “TIMESTAMP(6)” under MySql converted to TIMESTAMP dropping fractional seconds
  • CORE-1967 - includeAll uses full file path for sql changelogs
  • CORE-2023 - Problem using includeAll with SpringLiquibase
  • CORE-2126 - Postgres 9.3 - Drop table With Cascade - Not Supported
  • CORE-2156 - Resource loader can’t load changelog file
  • CORE-2186 - AbstractResourceAccessor#convertToPath(String, String) fails for processing includeAll from Classpath
  • CORE-2192 - NoSuchMethodException when generating offline Oracle migration script
  • CORE-2199 - Liquibase adds a semicolon after a stored proc definition making the stored proc unusable
  • CORE-2202 - inverted boolean
  • CORE-2204 - valueNumeric not being set when using prepared statements
  • CORE-2206 - diffChangeLog with JPA-annotated entities causes ConcurrentModificationException
  • CORE-2208 - Typo in message
  • CORE-2210 - java.lang.NullPointerException when file is empty
  • CORE-2214 - When inserting string value starting and ending with apostrophes (quotes) the value is not quoted in the generated SQL
  • CORE-2218 - Regression on modifyDataType : VARCHAR2 was supported on 3.2…and fails on 3.3
  • CORE-2239 - Remarks attribute in renameColumn causes parse error
  • CORE-2240 - setDropFirst(true) still broken on empty database
  • CORE-2262 - 3.3.2 ant task dies on NPE in ChangeLogParameters
  • CORE-2263 - Index Snapshot - doesn’t include upper cased name indexes when db is NOT case sensitive
  • CORE-2274 - Ant Upade Task does not consider changeLogFile correctly if it is contained in a JAR
  • CORE-2279 - Rollback fails in MS SQL 2008 using liquibase 3.3.2
  • CORE-2284 - Creating a DatabaseChangeLog() results in NPE
  • CORE-2290 - Liquibase gives different results from Ant and the command line
  • CORE-2301 - Regression from 3.2.3 in mssql 2000 unsupported usage of varchar(max) and sys.extenden_properties
  • CORE-2304 - Autoincrement on type INT4 fails
  • CORE-2310 - IncludeAll Fails with Unknown Reason Error
  • CORE-2315 - NPE in CommandlineResourceAccessor
  • CORE-2325 - Liquibase - New versions break DB create
  • CORE-2329 - Escaped reserved keywords in HSQL are stored in lower case instead of upper case.
  • CORE-2330 - includeAll uses full file path with includeAll
  • CORE-2261 - UpdateSQL needs to append a “/” to the end of createProcedure for Oracle
  • CORE-2287 - Improve support for Groovy-based tests in Eclipse
  • CORE-2296 - Upgrade Groovy and Spock to maintained versions
  • CORE-2318 - Add support for converting BigDecimal objects to a SQL string via DataTypeFactory