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Liquibase 3.0.8 Released

Posted 12 Dec 2013 by Nathan Voxland

Liquibase 3.0.8 is officially released. It is purely a bugfix release that covers improvements to data type handing, performance improvements, and much more.


Download Liquibase from or from the Maven repository as it winds its way through the mirror process. Visit the user forums if you have any questions.

All Closed Issues

  • CORE-1224 - Enum column types are not appropriately represented in the change log created by generateChangeLog
  • CORE-1299 - modifyDataType does not auto reorg on DB2
  • CORE-1302 - MySQL syntax for autoincrement column with start value
  • CORE-1357 - Postgresql sequences create error in log files
  • CORE-1368 - Unable to recreate DB from generated change logs
  • CORE-1427 - Not generateChangeLog properly for INT2 type for Postgres
  • CORE-1430 - When I was in sybase database using liquibase create the index, reported “information_schema.constraints” not found error
  • CORE-1432 - Liquibase H2 InsertOrUpdateGeneratorH2 fails if primary key column name contains $ character
  • CORE-1446 - Liquibase changelog generation can add linefeed to defaultValueComputed if last column
  • CORE-1454 - Precondition negation does not seem to work
  • CORE-1455 - Value not taken into account when inserting data with YAML
  • CORE-1484 - very poor performance of dropAll on Oracle
  • CORE-1496 - Custom Change validation happening before being fully initialized
  • CORE-1531 - includeAll with relativeToChangeLogFile fails under certain conditions
  • CORE-1537 - Liquibase: diffChangeLog on DB2 performing out of order steps
  • CORE-1538 - diffChangeLog for DB2 injects invalid characters in xml
  • CORE-1540 - Call ‘Reorg table’ after modifyDataType on DB2
  • CORE-1541 - Column type=”LONGVARCHAR” fails
  • CORE-1545 - Oracle wrong LONG datatype declaration
  • CORE-1547 - CLONE - H2 (and other) support for BLOB and CLOB is incorrect
  • CORE-1548 - Oracle Data Type: DATE - defaultValueComputed should be defaultValue
  • CORE-1549 - Oracle Data Type: INTERVAL YEAR TO MONTH - returned at “INTERNAL(2) YEAR”
  • CORE-1550 - Oracle Data Type: NCLOB - Receive SQL error when specifying NCLOB size
  • CORE-1551 - Oracle Data Type: NCHAR
  • CORE-1552 - Oracle Data Type: NVARCHAR2 - Column sizing is wrong
  • CORE-1553 - dropDefaultValue does not work on SQL Server
  • CORE-1554 - dbDoc for Informix IDS
  • CORE-1555 - Oracle UID reserved word not detected
  • CORE-1557 - Mysql: BLOB type changes to LONGBLOB
  • CORE-1559 - Columns defined as “serial” are created as “int” without autoincrement in Postgres
  • CORE-1562 - update throws Recoverable Exception
  • CORE-1564 - Broken links in dbDoc
  • CORE-1566 - DB2 Datatype - DBCLOB, GRAPHIC, VARGRAPHIC doubling datatype size
  • CORE-1567 - DB2 Datatype - defaultValueComputed being used instead of defaultValue for DBCLOB, TIME, TIMESTAMP, DATE
  • CORE-1568 - DB2 Datatype - REAL and XML should not have datatype sizes
  • CORE-1571 - updateDatabase can’t find a changelog
  • CORE-1572 - Regression: diff generates full schema instead of changes when using liquibase-hibernate4
  • CORE-1580 - Mysql SET type not handled correctly
  • CORE-1581 - modifyDataType ignores additional info of newDataType
  • CORE-1582 - SQLServer datatype for TIMESTAMP
  • CORE-1583 - Wrong datatype with renameColumn
  • CORE-1584 - Unable do rollback not in transaction block
  • CORE-1586 - MySQL DataType - defaultValueComputed being injected into TIMESTAMP, VARBINARY, BINARY, YEAR
  • CORE-1587 - MySQL Datatype - VARBINARY vs LONGBLOB confusion
  • CORE-1588 - MySQL DataType - BIT size and default not captured on Snapshot
  • CORE-1589 - MySQL DataType - BLOB becomes LONGBLOB
  • CORE-1590 - MySQL DataType - DOUBLE sizing not persisted on snapshot
  • CORE-1591 - MySQL DataType - TIME not persisting seconds (getting hours and I’ve got that going for me.)
  • CORE-1592 - MySQL DataType - TEXT converted to LONGTEXT
  • CORE-1594 - PostgreSQL ‘bigserial’ type is automatically converted to ‘bigint’
  • CORE-1595 - Schema version incompatibility is logged as INFO instead of WARN
  • CORE-1596 - Liquibase 3.0.5 will not create tables in dbo schema in SQL Server
  • CORE-1597 - ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded
  • CORE-1600 - “Collation” and “Lateral” are not escaped in Postgres (new reserved words in v9.3)
  • CORE-1602 - DatabaseException in changesets that include date fields with default values
  • CORE-1603 - MySQL Datatype - BIGINT, INT, MEDIUMINT, SMALLINT, TINYINT all “shaving” off sizes
  • CORE-1606 - MySQL - TEXT vs. LONGTEXT for diffChangeLog presents CLOB
  • CORE-1607 - MSSQL java.sql.Types.TIMESTAMP should map to DateTime
  • CORE-1610 - MSSQL - NTEXT type being snapshot with MSSQL driver default size parameter.
  • CORE-1611 - Avoid reverse DNS lookup with getLocalHost().getHostName();
  • CORE-1612 - YAML/JSON changelogs not picking up “value” attribute on column configs
  • CORE-1614 - mysql case insensitive affects databasechangelog creation
  • CORE-1615 - Failed to drop default value in MSSQL
  • CORE-1616 - SQLFileChange uses too many file descriptors
  • CORE-1619 - MSSQL: preconditions treat object names in a case-sensitive way
  • CORE-1622 - Ant not respecting diffTypes=data
  • CORE-1623 - MSSQL: precondition primaryKeyExists doesn’t work
  • CORE-1625 - H2 Blob Type support is incorrect
  • CORE-1626 - createIndex does not work for function based indexes anymore
  • CORE-1627 - Option ‘diffTypes’ does not accept type ‘indexes’
  • CORE-1632 - It’s impossible to setup Logger’s log level with system property ‘liquibase.defaultlogger.level’
  • CORE-1636 - Case sensitivity issue with tableExists precondition
  • CORE-1640 - foreignKeyExists precondition always failing
  • CORE-1641 - Add column with foreign key throws NPE
  • CORE-1644 - ValidationFailedException after update to 3.0.7
  • CORE-1646 - Exception when comparing two schemas
  • CORE-1647 - Mysql enum default values not quoted
  • CORE-1648 - Mysql columns with colons and other special chars are not quoted
  • CORE-1664 - MSSQL. “DATE” type doesn’t exist for MSSQL 2005 and 2000.
  • CORE-1382 - Allow to create DATABASECHANGELOG* tables in another schema
  • CORE-1546 - Schema-Support on Informix
  • CORE-1577 - Oracle tinyint, smallint, int being created as number(38,0)
  • CORE-1604 - Minor maven pom cleanups
  • CORE-1635 - Generated changelog missing unique constraints should be output before foreign keys