Liquibase 3.0.2 Released

Posted 12 Jul 2013 by Nathan Voxland

Liquibase 3.0.2 Released

Liquibase 3.0.2 has been officially released. It is a purely bugfix release. The major issues fixed are:

  • Indexes and foreign keys were not being correctly handled in the snapshot/diff/generateChangeLog process
  • Exporting data in generateChangeLog did not work

The full list of resolved issues:

  • CORE-1301 - Oracle TIMESTAMPS not exported correctly
  • CORE-1301 - defaultschemaName not used
  • CORE-1315 - Database Objects do not get dropped on DB2
  • CORE-1317 - Not all FK Constraints get dropped on Oracle
  • CORE-1318 - Not all FK Constraints get dropped on SQL Server
  • CORE-1328 - includeAll trying to process invalid file types, should only process valid change log types
  • CORE-1331 - If logicalFilePath attribute is set on databaseChangeLog, I am unable to use relativeToChangelogFile=”true” on
  • CORE-1332 - includeAll of changelog files throws duplicate identifiers error
  • CORE-1335 - Data export support broken in 3.0
  • CORE-1336 - AutoIncrement not working with some types
  • CORE-1337 - Problem with changeset defined as runAlways=”true”
  • CORE-1339 - NPE on update if default ServiceLocator.packagesToScan is used
  • CORE-1340 - indexExists Changesets throwing PreconditionErrorException instead of PreconditionFailedException
  • CORE-1341 - foreignKeyConstraintExists precondition broken
  • CORE-1344 - addForeignKeyConstraint rejects referencesUniqueColumn
  • CORE-1347 - dropAll function work incorrectly when table has 2 foreign keys
  • CORE-628 - Specify the output encoding that liquibase should use to output data in Maven

If you were watching closely, you will notice that I forgot to announce 3.0.1 despite the fact that it was released on June 25th. That release included the following bugfixes compared to 3.0.0:

  • CORE-898 - Custom precondition xsd failing
  • CORE-1171 - Maven plugin displaying password in plain text
  • CORE-1320 - Cannot include YAML file
  • CORE-1323 - Conversion from char to SMALLINT is unsupported
  • CORE-1324 - Formatted SQL does not support contexts such as “some-context” or “some/context”

As always, you can download from the <a href=””>Liquibase download page</a> and the new version should be working its way through the maven repository system. If you have questions or comments you can visit the forums at