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Liquibase 3.0 RC 2

POSTED 04 Jun 2013 by Nathan Voxland

It has taken longer to work through the remaining 3.0 bug list than I was hoping, and so do not have the 3.0 GA finished yet, but RC2 is now available.

Changes since RC1 include:

  • All automated tests now pass
  • Diff support: Improved detection and handling of changed attributes, like data type size
  • Several fixes for DB2, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL and HSQL
  • DBDoc logic now working again
  • Better cleanup of temp files and directories
  • Whitespace and newlines are now not taken into account for <sql> checksums


As always, you can download the release from http://liquibase.org/download or through the maven repository. Direct any comments or questions for http://forum.liquibase.org

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