Liquibench Kickstarter Project

Posted 06 May 2013 by Nathan Voxland

Liquibench Kickstarter Project

Looking for an easier way to use Liquibase?

I recently launched a “Liquibase IDE” Kickstarter project called “Liquibench” at with the goal of making Liquibase more Intellij/Eclipse/Resharper and less XML-editor+command-prompt.

I’ve started similar projects over the years, but to finish and support them took far more time than I was able to provide. My hope with this project is to jump-start it as a commercial offering in order to provide the effort required to build it and the ability to support it long term.

If you are interested in such a tool, please consider helping to fund the project. A successful kickstarter project will ensure it gets built, prove the market, and greatly expand the team dedicated to Liquibase.