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Liquibase 1.5.0 Released

Posted 29 Jan 2008 by Nathan Voxland

Liquibase Core 1.5.0 Released

Liquibase Core 1.5.0 is now available for download from

1.5.0 includes a major refactoring which should not affect most users except for the following items:


  • Servlet Migrator: The web.xml parameter names have changed. See for more information.

  • If you used the “”, it is must now be changed to “”

  • If you have extended or embedded Liquibase classes or calls directly in your code, changes will be necessary.


  • Servlet Migrator: The classes to reference in web.xml have changed to liquibase.servlet.LiquibaseStatusServlet and liquibase.servlet.LiquibaseServletListener. The old classes are now simply subclasses of the new and are deprecated so they should work.

  • Spring Migrator: The class to reference in your spring config has changed to liquibase.spring.SpringLiquibase. The old class still exists as a subclass of the new so existing configurations should continue to work.

  • Command Line: The “migrate” command has been changed to “update”. “migrate” is now an alias for “update” so existing calls should continue to work



There is now a “defaultSchemaName” parameter available for setting default schema. This schema will be used for all ambiguous database objects as well as for storing the databasechangelog and databasechangeloglock tables.


Ant support has been greatly expanded and now covers most of the functionality available in the command line application. See for more information.


  • changeLogSync
  • updateCount
  • updateCountSQL



  • Custom Database implementations can be specified with the databaseClassName parameter
  • “replaceIfExists” attribute added to createView
  • createTable can specify uniqueConstraintName
  • Setting value/valueNumeric/valueBoolean/valueDate on addColumn will update all existing rows with the given value
  • Database table comments saved to generated change log
  • Changelog file comparisons are case-insensitive on windows
  • Output warning of old schema version
  • Added comments tag to generated SQL output
  • Rollback commands can specify contexts
  • XSDs are not pulled from network
  • Handles Postgres datatypes better
  • Bug fixes


Upgrading is simply a matter of replacing the liquibase.jar file. To take advantage of newer change log features, change your XSD declaration to:

<databasechangelog xmlns=""

Depending on feedback received from this release, the releases of the various plug-ins (Maven, Grails, IntelliJ, Eclipse) should be released over the next few days.

As usual, be sure to let us know if you have any questions or issues.