Liquibase 1.1 Released

Posted 23 Jul 2007 by Nathan Voxland

Liquibase 1.1 Released

Liquibase 1.1 has been released. Major new features include:

  • Support for additional databases: DB2, Derby, Sybase (not fully tested), and HSQL

  • Support for “unsupported” databases

  • Database Diff Tool

  • Database Creation Script Generator

  • new DBMS attribute on change set tag that allows you to specify what databases to run the change set against

  • “verify” command that checks for change log problems without attempting to execute any

  • “status” command that shows information on unrun change sets

  • Handle date/time and numeric values better on inserts and setting default values

  • Bug Fixes

Upgrading is simply a matter of replacing the liquibase.jar file. To take advantage of newer change log features, change your XSD declaration to:


Download Liquibase 1.1