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Liquibase 1.0 Released

POSTED 25 Jun 2007 by Nathan Voxland

The Liquibase team is proud to announce version 1.0. Liquibase is an open source (LGPL) java-based tool for managing database changes and refactorings. It has been under active development for over a year and supports many features including:

  • Change tracking format that supports multiple developers and code branches
  • Thirty built-in refactorings including “Merge Columns” and “Add Lookup Table”
  • Can execute updates directly, or save SQL for review by DBAs
  • Can roll back databases to earlier versions based on dates, tags, or number of changes
  • Database independent. Currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MSSQL with additional databases planned for version 1.1.
  • Can be executed as an Ant task, a Maven Plug-in, as a Servlet Listener, or though a command-line program
  • Changes can be tagged with “contexts” so not all changes need to be applied to all environments
  • Uses a distributed locking system to protect against machines upgrading the same database at the same time
  • Extensive documentation including a quick-start guide and manual

As a database change tracking tool, Liquibase is useful for any project with a database, but is especially useful in an agile environment due to the large number of changes that are generated throughout the project’s lifecycle.

There are many post-1.0 features planned, including support for additional databases (DB2, Sybase, Derby and HSQL are already implemented in the 1.1 branch), a database-refactoring IDE plug-ins, additional refactorings, a database diff tool, and more.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us get to the point we are at today.